Dr. Deon Lessing

D.Com (Unisa)

Deon Lessing started his career as a lecturer in the field of business administration, specializing in marketing, retail management and investment management. The academia provided the ideal platform for post graduate studies and he completed a Master of Commerce in Marketing and Doctor of Commerce in Strategic Management. In later years he furthered his academic qualifications by completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

His career soon progressed to full time employment in the banking industry. During the next 10 years of his career he held several positions in the banking industry, mostly within the marketing and business development environment. He was responsible for the initiation and implementation of several strategic marketing programs to facilitate growth and transformation within the respective organisations.

The next phase of his career was in the insurance industry as Marketing Director for Sanlam Life. He also served on the boards of several Sanlam subsidiaries. During his 6-year tenure as Marketing Director he spearheaded several initiatives to reposition Sanlam as a transformed and demutualized company. He also acted as HR Executive for 9 months.

After his years in the corporate environment he became a business consultant, owner and investor in business initiatives. Although being full time employed at times, most work undertaken during this period was of a consultative nature and included several re-positioning strategies and start-up companies, among other owning a Chas Everitt real estate franchise and  the development and launch of the first digital real estate agency in South Africa,  His clients included companies such as Betterbond, Rola Motor Holdings, Nissan SA and Xinergistix Logistix.

Deon has wide and deep experience in establishing, revitalising and strategically shifting corporate marketing, identity and branding.  He is a lateral and multi-skilled business analyst and thought leader who thrives on new thinking, value-adding products and customer benefits that bring business growth. His passion for the academia, tutoring and inspiring others position him well as an inspirational speaker, trainer, coach and ultimately business consultant.


“I would give Deon Lessing the highest recommendation for his motivation and mentoring skills, which in my experience, are some of the best I have seen. It would be impossible to count all the ways that he has helped and inspired me in my career and I have no doubt that he would do wonders for any organization fortunate enough to have him on their team. I would describe him as a true people builder with his compassionate, innovative and hardworking nature that never misses the opportunity to help others grow on a personal or business level.  Deon has also taught me to keep a cool head in a stressful situation, and his dedicated, strategic and positive attitude is contagious.”

Claire Leske

General Manager ,

“Deon Lessing has an awesome mind with great innovative ideas and always has a lot of value to add.”

Louis Slabbert

Director, Dykes Van Heerden Slabbert Hopkins Inc

“Thank you Deon for your support, the doors you have opened for me and the opportunities you have given me”

Nadia de Kock

Director, Miltons Matsemela Inc

“Thoroughly enjoy Deon’s presentations that always provide tangible contents and lasting food for thought”

Izak Venter

Director, Miltons Matsemela Inc

“Deon’s knowledge of strategic marketing and expertise in business dynamics and functioning was a huge advantage to our business at the Rola Motor Group. He used his skills to work with and influence key decision makers to have a fresh and professional approach to marketing and sales. He has a practical approach to business and knows how to challenge the current reality in order to stimulate a fresh look at the future positioning of the brand .”
Leon Pheiffer

Rola Motor Group