Being in the real estate industry we are always amazed to see how clients treat their gas cylinders and the general condition of gas cylinders lying around properties.

As the safety of our clients are important to us please note the following few guidelines.
Why should you care where your cylinder comes from?

• A properly filled cylinder is only filled to 80% of its capacity to allow for expansion of the product within the cylinder. An over-filled cylinder could be hazardous if exposed to excessive heat.
• Cylinders can be under-filled due to ignorance or lack of training, but often intentionally so. Unsuspecting consumers believe they are getting a ‘good price’, whereas, in reality, they are being cheated.

How do you know that your gas cylinder is legal and safe?

• A filled cylinder should always have a seal that is shrink-wrapped around the cylinder valve.
• This seal should always bear the LOGO of the company that owns the cylinder.
• The logo should match the logo on the cylinder itself – the big company names will have a serial number on the shrink-wrap.
• If the cylinder has a seal that is clear or it has no seal at all, it is a strong indication that it has been illegally filled and the consumer should therefore refuse to accept it.

Please note that gas bottles for your appliances may not be installed in your garage, irrespective of the size. Only bottles up to 9kg maybe installed in your home, bigger bottles must be installed outside your home.