Are you aware that on appointment and commencement of maintenance work by external and third party contractors, certain covers of the body corporate’s and or HOA’s insurance policy are temporarily suspended?

The implication is any, and all, damages emanating and arising from related works will not be covered by the prevailing insurance cover of the body corporate or HOA; it is imperative that trustees / directors ensure that (appointed) third party contractors are in possession of valid contractor all risk cover to ensure that the body corporate or HOA is protected and covered in the event of any damages resulting from related works which would have to be claimed from the said contractor all risk cover.


Retaining Walls need to be specified as insurers rate them separately, and at heightened rates, due to the increased risk associated with them (retaining walls). Has your broker checked, or arranged to check, that all and any retaining walls have indeed been specified to ensure adequate cover and no nasty surprises down the line and at claim time?

Retaining walls will typically be covered under your homeowners insurance. Unless your house is paid for in cash your homeowners insurance will typically be with the bondholder being the bank where you have your bond. It is good to check this out with the insurer to avoid nasty surprises.